Upon the Sword Coast located west on the continent of Faerun, a lurking and ancient evil vies for control of the elemental forces of nature. These elemental forces are bound by their altar and the only thing that can release them upon the coastal port town of Daggerford is four elemental keys of air, fire, water and earth. The Red Wizards of Thay have sent liason’s to undermine Duke Maldwyn and the heroes of Daggerford to search for these elemental keys. As the race wanes on, not all is lost.

Jace Dawnbringer of Secomber, Julian Tumblebelly of the Misty Forest, Rindalthar of Waterdeep, Emlyn Astavar of Cormyr and Gamorra of the High Moor have joined forces to combat the Red Wizards to restore some semblance of peace and prosperity in an area ravaged by menacing monsters, evil deities and power hungry villains. But as the heroes find that saving Daggerford is only the first of a plan from many evil factions.

As the Heroes find that the plot thickens with the elemental keys, the Red Wizards have set in motion to open a conduit to the elemental planes of existence to unleash a devastating fury of raw magical forces of nature that can be control and set upon the Sword Coast and there surrounding towns and hamlets.

If the Red Wizards are not as much of a threat, the evil goddess of Talona has bred a champion to come forth and conquer the region. During a mission involved with the Fane of the Sun Swallower’s eggs. The black dragon was slayed by the heroes but not before a lone dragon egg was stolen and taken to the vault of the Dracolich were Thoss is being reincarnated by black priestesses of Talona and the Dragonborn cleric raises an army to raise and pillage the city of Daggerford.

There are some who have heard of the Elemental plot to wreak devastation upon the Sword Coast. These prophets have gathered cultists and fanatics worthy of their cause and worship and believe in the raw forces of nature such as Air, Fire, Earth and Water. These Elemental Princes have gathered near the town Daggerford and steadily rise in ascension and power.

Even as Talona seeks to unleash her worshippers upon the world of Toril, what was once a dead god stirs deep below the planes of the nine hells. Tiamat has stirred for eons. Finally awoken by a small following, his cultists search out the Dragon Masks. Magical items of power, these magical artifacts can control dragons and their associated masks. As the cultists search of treasure enough to praise Tiamat with, the heroes of Faerun face an inspeakable evil North of Neverwinter and Luskan.

The Ten Towns of the Savage Frontier have awoken an old an incalculable evil named the Ice Queen. What was once a legendary and evil magical artifact. The Crystal Shard was destroyed long ago but lives as black ice. These speckles of an ancient evil are fashioned into magical weapons and armor. Bartered and traded for value as the tradesmen of the North do not know of their evil. The Ice Queen ready to set her plans in motion, there is nothing short of factions vying for dominion.

Forgotten Realms - "The God War"